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Dijets Council

Dijets Council is a self-governing body of six core members responsible for formulating, reviewing, voting & arbitrating Dijets Improvement Proposals (DIPs). Each time a council member submits a DIP, the rest of the council is drafted to review the finer details of the Proposal. At the end of the review period, the council votes on either submitting or rejecting the proposal. DIPs are entirely non-restrictive but binding (once approved) in nature. Councillors can propose policy adjustments to the protocol, treasury grants, 'Method' standards, Client APIs or enhancement specs for any of Dijets products, services & Enterprise solutions.

These pages aim to outline the vision & objectives of Dijets Council, the range of tools they have at their disposal to assist them with their tasks and reference documentation detailing the layers of a fully Decentralised Governance structure built for Industry 4.0.

Guides & Tutorials for the members

Improve, Preserve & Enhance The Ecosystem

Quick rundown of the 'Remit' this council has been assigned to govern for.

Supabase User Management example