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Governance Charter


Dijets Council oversees the policy directives of Dijets protocol standards and the direction of its codebase dependent on multiple variables like growth strategies, marketing campaign, industry specific trends etc. The council is also responsible for managing the term treasury to foster the growth and development of the ecosystem. Treasury withdrawals require approval from each of the council member.


The Governance Charter serves as a template mandate for the governing council. It reiterates the purpose of the council in the form of an evolving document which exists mainly to reflect and represent the interests of DJTX holders across the world and also to set expectations and standards for future Council Members to build upon.

The Charter postulates the Council‘s overarching responsibilities and the scope of their capacity to act on behalf of Dijets and DJTX holders. Meta governance matters relating to Dijets Ecosystem and its products and services are outlined below.

  • Promote the interests of Dijets and its Ecosystem to Businesses, Potential Partners, Talent and The Industry & Institutions.
  • Vote/advocate in favour of governance proposals which are in the interests of DJTX holders.
  • Vote/advocate against proposals which may adversely affect Dijets or any of its services.
  • Seek governance power in protocols which may be beneficial for Dijets to have influence in. Long-term & Short-term.
  • Maintain transparency in all meta-governance initiatives that the Council Members are directly/indirectly involved with or endorse.
  • Stay up to date on relevant DeFi/decentralised governance matters and their broader implications.
  • Build & retain strategic partnerships with other entities that pledge to support decentralized technologies.
  • Foster creating and improving upon the underlying infrastructure needed for decentralized & autonomous organizations to flourish.

Follow the instruction video below or visit Dijets UC Explorer to confirm the on-chain registration of a Council Member.

Council Manifesto

The Council Manifesto is an alpha version of a living document that will continue to evolve over time. Each iteration of the manifesto will be recorded on-chain and open to improve/edit/enhance with the help of the wider Dijets Community involvement.

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