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HAL - Performance Oracle

DGC Voting Monthly Cycle

HAL is a collective name given to a series of smart contracts and binding logic that aggregates DGC Members contributions within Dijets governance across a number of systems both on-chain and off-chain. HAL assigns custom weights to various contribution metrics and indexes the data for continuous analysis. By combining weights and activity across Dijets Governance, HAL calculates a definitive score for each council member. As a performance oracle HAL is a unique tool that offers greater visibility into governance contribution through Data-Driven insights and actions.

HAL can use custom filters and reports to identify the most active DGC Members across different time frames and incentivises them for their participation in Dijets Governance. These incentives are directly proportional to the respective member's participation metrics. Furthermore, by leveraging the DGC Member's performance and participation insights, HAL can allocate enhanced governance rights and voting weights to the chosen members.

Data Driven

HAL is designed to turn insights into Data-Driven actions. The smart contracts can gather and record key insights and performance metrics both on-chain & off-chain for each council member across the following 4 timeframes:

Term Stats

Monthly Stats

Weekly Stats

Daily Stats

Delegating Voting Power

Provide token holders with insights so they can make informed decisions on (re)delegating their voting power

Contribution metrics

HAL can be used to define custom filters and reports to identify the most active council members across different time frames and governance class activities.

DGC Voting Monthly Cycle

Governance Power

HAL can be leveraged to gain member's contribution insights to allocate voting rights and enhanced governance powers.

How HAL works?

HAL indexes each Council Member's contribution data across multiple platforms, systems and governance activities both on and off-chain. Each contribution activity is assigned a custom weight and by combining the weights and activity, HAL can calculate a median score for the member corresponding to their contribution metrics. These scores can provide the basis for further follow-up actions.

DGC Voting Monthly Cycle