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DGC Members & Governance

Following are some of the available means for DGC Members to conduct governance described in increasing order of formality.

Qowalts (DIPs Room)

DGC Members can initiate discussion or gauge the council's interest for a proposal by conferring on Qowalts in a dedicated space for DIPs.

Forum Discussion

Each proposed amendment/addition to Dijets DIPS Directory can begin with an informal discussion on Dijets Forum. Discussion is the most informal and the most free-form way of exercising governance in Dijets. While discussion is not specific to Dijets, its power to effect change should not be underestimated. Discussions on any of Dijets processes, services or DIPs can be brought forth by any member at any time.

Forum Polls

Forum Polls make use of the forum's support for the formal submission of a Governance Poll on Dijets Voting Portal. These Polls provide a set of options for the members to vote on. Although Polls are more structured than discussions, they cannot effect protocol changes nor trigger processes immediately; they are commonly used to measure the Council's sentiment towards a proposal affecting Dijets ecosystem. Polls can be created by any of the DGC members and there are no guidelines on the general use of Forum Polls other than courtesy and common sense.

Note that the Forum Polls can only be conducted on Dijets Forum and are non-binding for execution and follow-through unlike the Governance Polls which are conducted on-chain and published exclusively on Dijets Voting Portal.

Governance Polls

Governance Polls occur on-chain and are used to measure and record consensus amongst DGC members. Governance Polls can run concurrently, allowing DGC members to participate in any number of them at the same time. Governance Polls may have different formats like Binary Voting, Instant Run-Off Voting, or Approval Voting depending on the subject of the poll. The window for submitting a request for Governance Poll runs for ten days starting from the first Monday of each month. You can view the Dijets Governance Cycle schedule here