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DGC Monthly Governance Cycle

The Monthly Governance Cycle is defined in DIP05 and provides a predictable monthly cadence by which governance decisions can be made.

The Monthly Governance Cycle is predominantly used for the introduction of new DIPs or DIP subproposals into the DIPs Directory. Examples of such changes could include:

  • The addition of a new Parameter in an existing DIP
  • The adjustment of an existing process/paramter in an aalready accepted DIP

Proposals submitted into the Monthly Governance Cycle must follow the guidelines defined in DIP0.

DGC Voting Monthly Cycle

Governance Cycle Breakdown

The first Monday of each calendar month marks the beginning of Dijets Monthly Governance Cycle.

Week 1

Week 1, Monday through Wednesday

  • DGC Members acquire their monthly Collateralised Accountability Position or CAP.
  • CAP can be procured by a DGC Member by locking min 1000 DJTX as collateral to mint the equivalent amount of HAL tokens required to participate in Dijets Governance.
  • At the end of the monthly governance cycle DGC members can redeem 1050 HAL Tokens for the originally locked 1000 DJTX back.
  • The 50 additional HAL Tokens act as a superficial fee to close and settle their CAP positions. HAL Tokens can only be earned by participating in Dijets Governance.
  • CAPs are designed to encourage accountability and positive contributions. Failing to return the required 1050 HAL Tokens may result in DGC Member's CAP position being liquidated with the collateralised 1000 DJTX moving into HAL's incentive pool for other members to earn.

Week 1, Thursday through Sunday

  • DGC Members submit their proposals to Formal Submission. The window lasts for 8 days.
  • Proposals must be moved into the Formal Submission subcategory on Dijets forum under the Dijets Improvement Proposals category.
  • DGC Members should inform a DIP Editor of the status change via commonly used communication channels.

Week 2

Week 2, Monday through Thursday

  • Formal Submission window is open.

Week 2, Friday through Saturday

  • Core Team conducts Submission Reviews as part of the weekly Governance process and communicates which of the proposed DIPs are in accordance with the guidelines (defined in the DIP0 Framework).
  • Core Team communicates required amendments/improvements to the submission with the authoring DGC Member.

Week 2, Sunday

  • DIPs that meet the guidelines and are not found objectionable by the Core Team will be published to the DGC-Polls GitHub, with the member's details.
  • Successful submissions are recorded on-chain and appear on the official voting portal for DFC members to vote on.

Week 3

Week 3, Monday through Sunday

  • DGC Members must vote and come to a consensus on each of the poll to move it forward to the execution phase.
  • DGC Members may consider blocking a proposal if they believe the proposal to not be in the best interests of Dijets.
  • Member voting 'NO' to a proposal from moving to execution phase, must communicate his/her reasons for doing so via the comment option in the polls.
  • Polls will run for 9 days.

Week 4

Week 4, Monday through Tuesday

  • Voting continues.

Week 4, Wednesday

  • Voting Results are officially published on the Voting Portal with each proposal marked Accepted or Rejected

Week 4, Thursday through Saturday

  • DGC Members reverse their monthly CAPs and reset their accountability obligation to zero.

Week 4, Sunday

  • Proposal Implementation begins following a mandatory pause delay of 48 hours.