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Member Incentives

HAL rewards classes of governance actions that result in measurable changes to the way Dijets operates.

The Bounty Pool

A pool of 6,000 HAL (Likability Quotient Tokens) per month is allocated for distribution amongst the DGC Members for successful Dijets Governance proposals.

Members can convert the HAL into DJTX or any other token available or choose to sell it directly for cash.

Eligible Proposal Types

Proposals eligible for rewards are:

  • Successful DIP proposals
  • Successful DIP Subproposals
  • Blue DIP with majority consent via voting held on Dijets Forum

A proposal is considered successful if its on-chain vote meets the success criteria defined in the accompanying on-chain poll text.


The maximum reward for each type of successful proposal is denoted below.

  • DIP - 2,000 HAL
  • Subproposal - 1,000 HAL
  • Blue DIP - 500 HAL

The 6,000 HAL reward pool is split between eligible proposals in a given month and may be significantly less depending on the volume of proposals submitted in a given month.

The reward pool for a given month is split between proposals according to the following weights.

  • DIP = 1
  • Subproposal = 1/2
  • Blue DIP = 1/4

Payout Cycle

Rewards are distributed at the start of each month, covering proposals that concluded in the previous month.

Payouts are consolidated into a CSV file and distributed by HAL from a multi-sig wallet.

HAL produces and publishes a memo each month communicating the initiatives and the members rewarded.


1.1 - All active and serving DGC Members are eligible to receive the incentive payouts.

1.2 - DGC Members must provide an alternative Dijets mainnet address should they wish to receive payouts in a different wallet than the one associated with their profile. This address will be publicly visible.


1.1 - Dijets Core Team may exclude a DGC Member from the rewards payouts at any time, for any reason.

1.2 - The Core Team must communicate a reason publicly if a given DGC Member is being excluded from the rewards payouts.