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DGC Members can exercise governance in the following five main domains of Dijets Ecosystem in multiple indexes and with different objectives.

  1. Dijets Network and Protocol
  2. Dijets Governance
  3. Dijets Money Markets
  4. Dijets Metaverse
  5. Dijets Products & Services

The Governance objectives can range from but are not limited to:

  1. the free exchange of ideas to improve Dijets protocol and/or its services;
  2. a way of gathering feedback and consensus to support and inform prospective on-chain governance proposals;
  3. a way to approve new or reject formal processes described in DIPs Directory.
  4. Changing an existing parameter/process in the published DIPs.
  5. Receive funding for work that benefits Dijets Ecosystem.
  6. Appoint sub-committees as basic workforce divisions that the council can oversee, manage and prioritise funding for.