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Council Membership

Membership Requirements

Dijets Council members are selected through various considerations such as knowledge about Blockchain, background, merit, interest, and a willingness to commit to Dijets Network and Ecosystem.

Each council member goes through the following steps before being added on-chain as a verified governance council member.

1. Submit a Member Profile Questionnaire

  • By submitting a member profile questionnaire, prospective council members can elaborate on their knowledge, skillset and background for consideration.

2. Generate a Singleton Wallet

  • Council Members are required to generate a Singleton Wallet for the purpose of transparency and for uniformity with their on-chain activities.

How to generate a singleton wallet

3. Generate a Node ID

  • Each council member is required to fulfill his/her Node Setup requirements. This process starts with confirming their Node ID for inclusion into the Validator's set.

Start a Dijets Node

4. Stake the required 25K DJTX for 12 months

  • Once Djiets Node is up and running and fully bootstrapped, Council Members can use their Node ID to stake the required 25K DJTX for the 12 months period.

Staking DJTX

5. Sign the DGC Manifesto

  • The penultimate step in Council Member's registration is the signing of Dijets Governance Council Manifesto (DGC Manifesto) using the public key of the singleton wallet generated beforehand.

Signing the DGC Manifesto

6. Submit a Blue DIP

  • The last step in Council Member registration is the submission of a Blue DIP.

Types of Dijets Improvement Proposals - DIPs