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Signing the Manifesto

Decypher 3.0 is the latest iteration of a web3 wallet built specifically to take full advantage of Dijets Utility Chain and its features.

Sending digital assets between chains is a straight-forward and incredibly fast process.

You can try sending a few DJTX from the main Dijets Wallet to Decypher and then use the DJTX coins on Utility Chain to interact with EVM compatible services with ease.

Transferring assets into Decypher

To sign the DGC Manifesto, you need to have Decypher 3.0 installed on your computer and google chrome as an extension.

Once you have Decypher installed go to DGC Manifesto

If you haven't done so already, make sure to select the option to "Set Decypher as my default wallet". This setting can be changed later within Decypher.

Click on 'Sign Now'

Decypher will prompt you to confirm the signing.

Click confirm and submit your signature.